Our Mission

To Make Man Whole
by the Love of Christ and Medical Care

Seeking to heal body and soul

Ever since its establishment in 1973, Kobe Adventist Hospital has been driven based on Christian philosophy, from views on human beings to ones on health. Our motto, ‘To Make Man Whole’ is the basis for Adventist’s Health Ministry throughout its 150-year history. We continually seek to practice medicine to make man whole, based on the latest technology in medicine, and on love of Christ.

Prevention is the Ultimate Medicine

The three most common causes of death today are: cancer, heart disease, and stroke, all of which are considered to be tightly linked to our lifestyle. Practicing healthy lifestyle, then, is the best way to prevent diseases. Recent studies in many countries worldwide prove that Adventist lifestyle is the most effective in preventing such diseases, in which one practices non-smoking, vegetarianism, and regular exercise. In order to further promote health actively, we have established Health Promotion Center in 1983, and named San-Iku Center.

To Build a Happy Family…

Ever since its establishment, we have been widely known for our Obstetrics Department with its use of the latest medical technology such as in-vitro fertilization. A lot of babies have been born here at Kobe Adventist Hospital. We would like to help every couple build happy family, whether baby is born, by discussing many issues together, including today’s issues on sex and how a family should be.

To Live Through in Peace

Our in-patient Hospice program, established in 1992, was the FIRST in Hyogo Prefecture. We work together as a team to help one with advanced cancer(s) may spend time in peace, and in his/her manner. The team includes physicians, nurses, chaplain, physical therapist, social worker, and others, and utilizes the latest available medicine and technology to help relieve of symptoms.

Global Medicine

We are part of the Adventist Health service groups, with more than 500 medical institutions worldwide. Through its worldwide network of medicine, the Adventist Health continues to promote health of human being from global point of view by developing the advanced medical technology, helping developing countries by providing medical support and/or technology, emergency support in areas of disaster and warfare, international movement for smoking cessation, and promoting healthy lifestyle.